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A State of New York leader in contracting and demolition, Granite Environmental LLC is a leading contracting and demolition company serving State of New York. We specialize in various commercial and non-commercial projects providing construction management, general contracting, ACM and other hazardous materials removal. Our comprehensive services include, but are not limited to, Interior Demolition (stripping and gutting) Exterior Demolition Structural Demolition Materials Segregation and Salvage for Resale Asset Recovery and Relocation Assistance

About Granite Environmental LLC

Granite will safely and efficiently deconstruct or demolish anything on a job site that must be removed. We deliver a complete package of integrated services, experienced management, and innovative equipment as well as the means and methods to maximize value for our clients. Granite has proven to be the perfect solution for your demolition needs.

It is time for you to put us to the test and see what we are made of. You are here reading about us because you have work that needs to be done. There isn't much more we can say about how great we are so it is time to give us a call and let us come meet you on your jobsite. Let's talk about your project and work out a plan to get your work done. We are the most professional, the safest and most productive demolition contractor you will ever do business with.

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General Contracting Service in New York City

In any case, in recruiting a general contractor in New York City, you will need to ensure they are reliable and take care of business properly. If you are expecting to begin a construction project and are searching for an accomplished and skilled general contractor for hire, contact Granite Environmental LLC, Brooklyn General Contractors.
In the event that you are planning to have any work performed, either through redesigns, rebuilding, or new construction, it is very vital to have a general contractor project worker supervise the work. At the point when you employ a general contractor, you are ensuring the task is finished accurately beginning to end with insignificant postponements and most extreme productivity. Certified and insured the majority of commercial general contractors have these credentials.
You can trust a general contractor who is licensed and bonded to complete their work and do it effectively when you employ them. The contractor for hire is responsible for the whole of the desk work and booking, ensuring each part of the project is finished on time and as productively as could be expected.

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